The interpreter’s professional Code of Ethics now translated into eight languages


What is required of a professional interpreter?
Are you familiar with the interpreter’s professional Code of Ethics?

The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) has newly translated the professional Code of Ethics into eight languages. Originally drafted by several national interpretation organisations, the Code serves as the guiding principles for both interpreters and users of interpreting services.
The Codes for community interpreters and the court interpreters address the professional ethics in more detail while these 12 main points listed in the translations are relevant to all interpreting professionals.
You can download printable versions of the different languages from SKTL’s web page.

The professional Code of Ethics has now been translated into:
- Arabic [PDF],
- English [PDF],
- Estonian [PDF],
- Kurdish [PDF],
- Persian [PDF],
- Russian [PDF],
- Somali [PDF],
- Swedish [PDF]