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How do I know what type of translator or interpreter I need?

Perhaps you are unsure about the type of translator or interpreter you need. This list gives a short description that may help you to refine your search.


Literature translators translate, for instance, prose for light reading and literary prose, books for children and young people, plays, poetry and cartoons. Non-fiction translators translate factual prose, ranging from popularised non-fiction books to work in specialised fields, into Finnish.


Specialised translators work with many kinds of texts, for example scientific, technical, medical and commercial texts. Some typical examples include manuals, websites and marketing materials.


Translation of certificates, statements and other official documents often requires an authorised translator.

Please note that if you are looking for a professional to translate your certificate, you should start by finding out whether you need an authorised translator or whether a regular document translation is sufficient. Not all specialised document translators are authorised translators and sometimes only an authorised translation of a certificate will be accepted.


The work of audiovisual translators involves the subtitling and/or narration of foreign-language television programmes, films, DVDs and games.


Conference interpreters work at events arranged by companies and organisations, such as international congresses and conferences, negotiations and at the press conferences of heads of state and businesses. Conference interpreting can take place consecutively (the interpreter interprets after the speaker) or simultaneously (the interpreter interprets while the speaker is talking).

Court interpreters work at pre-trial investigations and court hearings.

Community interpreters work in various interaction settings where the individual and an institution have no common language.