Kääntäjä-Översättaren Periodical

Kääntäjä-Översättaren is the association’s periodical, which is published four times a year. It is currently the only newspaper in the translation and interpreting field in Finland. Published since 1970, it is directed at professional interpreters and translators, as well as students, educators and clients.

A copy of the magazine is sent to all members of the association, as well as major clients, partners, educational institutions and other countries’ translation and interpreting associations.

You can subscribe to the newspaper via the office. The price for non-members is € 55 per year in Finland and € 65 per year in other countries. Copies of the magazine are also for sale at Rosebud Sivullinen.

The magazine includes articles on current topics related to the field, as well as interviews and discussions.

The Editor-in-Chief is the Chair of the association’s Board. The publication mainly relies on voluntary contributions.