Principles of peer reviewing and publication


Manuscripts intended for peer review will be reviewed anonymously. The authors are expected to anonymise their manuscripts, and the editors will ensure the anonymity of the manuscripts before they are sent out to be peer-reviewed by two experts on the subject of the manuscript. The referees will not be informed of the author’s identity, nor will the author learn the identities of the referees.

The editors will forward the referees’ comments to the author and recommend further revisions when necessary. The authors are expected to take both the referees’ and the editors’ comments into consideration. If revising the manuscript along the lines recommended by the referees and/or the editors is not feasible or relevant, the authors should explain and justify this when sending the revised manuscript to the editors. The editors may require further revisions before the manuscript can be published, or reject the revised manuscript if it fails to meet the criteria for a peer-reviewed scholarly article.

Non-peer reviewed reports and discussion articles are commented on by the editors who will consult the editorial board when necessary. The authors of reports and discussion articles are to take the editors’ comments into consideration and justify their decisions in cases where revising the manuscript along the lines recommended by the editors is not feasible or relevant. 

Open access

MikaEL is a non-profit scholarly journal that can be openly accessed on the Internet. The articles are published at no expense to the authors, and the authors retain the the right to re-distribute their articles through other open access channels. The authors will receive no remuneration nor royalties, neither. 

In accordance with the principles of Open Access, anyone can openly copy, distribute and display the articles published in MikaEL as long as this happens for nonprofit purposes, and the original author and journal are given due credit. 

A publication agreement will be drawn up between the author(s) of each article and the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL).