All members of SKTL belong to one or more divisions within the association. The divisions keep track of developments and changes in their particular fields of expertise and contribute their valuable know-how to the organisation. The divisions look after the interests of their members and hold meetings, events and training sessions, usually on a monthly basis.

Division I – Literary Translators

The Literary Translators’ Division is the collective forum for translators of fiction and non-fiction literature. The division’s members work full-time or part-time on works ranging from comic books and children’s literature to novels, poetry and textbooks, among others. The division promotes and is an authority on matters related to the work, subsistence and interests of literary translators.

Division II – Non-Fiction and Document Translators

The Non-Fiction and Document Translators’ Division brings together professionals who work with texts that are usually not going to be published in book form. This division’s aim is to further the depth and breadth of expertise of its members, and to increase awareness of the profession. Members translate texts such as instruction manuals, official documents, newspaper articles, and much more.

Division III – Audiovisual Translators

The members of this division  are audiovisual translation professionals. The most important tasks of the division are to keep track of developments in the field, educate its members, foster the rights (including copyrights) of translators, and maintain international relations. Audiovisual translators create subtitles, surtitles, closed captioning and commentaries for television, film, opera, theatre and multimedia, among other things.

Division IV – Interpreters

The members of this division are conference, meeting, community, business and court interpreters. The division provides training and recreational activities for members, functions as a discussion forum, distributes information about interpreting and issues statements on current topics in the field.

Division V – Educators and Researchers

The Educators’ and Researchers’ Division follows and furthers research and education in the fields of translation and interpreting. The division acts as a discussion forum for its members, and keeps them abreast of developments in the field. The division’s activities include members’ meetings and events related to the profession.